Fundraising campaign

You may say I’m a dreamer,

but I’m not the only one.- John Lennon

Initially we started with „Kopriva“ Multimedia Center. This was a space that gave Zagreb residents and guests a place for education, culture and spirituality. We started our work in 2006 and by 2016 a large number of music concerts, dance, yoga, drumming, video production workshops, exhibitions, spiritual renovations, meditations and occasional parties occurred within the venue.

Some of the programs were supported by high city institutions and we were able to educate a large number of young people for FREE.

We became a place where art was made and practiced spirituality, and in addition, we were a socially responsible institution that integrated care for the environment and society with its activities.

We were able to create a scene of like-minded people in various areas. Program leaders developed their talents, trainees discovered their talents. Thousands of people, old and young, had visited our center.

In 2016, due to technical shortcomings of the space, we left the venue and thus “Studio Mix” was created.

For the last 4 years, we have continued to work in different venues, but none of them satisfied our vision.

In 2019, we came across a beautiful little property 40 minutes away from Zagreb, near the beautiful Ozalj Castle, a pearl of Croatian cultural and historical heritage, and we raised a small non-purpose loan.

With big dreams, we bought a property where we planned to build a wooden, natural object for the purpose of a weekend retreat of meditation in nature, physical therapy, dancing and providing shelter away from the city noise and polluted air, to families with children and retreat goers.

We called this property „Moon Child“ because it exudes fairy-tale, peace, tranquility and natural beauty. Moon Child is located above the River Dobra and offers a view of the lowland and the calm river.

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