Video Special +

When the vision is clear, strategy is easy.

Our vision is to make video content accessible and possible to all types of companies and to help people who are unable to create professional video. We offer a simple quality solution.

GIG is perfect for:

  • Small / medium businesses
  • Business owners who know how effective a social medium is for building brand awareness, creating leads and selling products / services
  • If you want a promo video on social media that will give satisfactory results

This type of video marketing is specific and distinctive because it gives the possibility of making a video without recorded material. This means that all video material used is purchased on specialized platforms and tailored to your vision / story

We design the concept / story, buy the video and do the video / audio montage with the message you want to send.

This is a great offer for all those who do not have a big budget and want a professional promotional video.

Our offer includes 60 seconds of promo video for use on your social channels and will include:

  • Stock Footage
  • Stock Music
  • Text
  • Logo

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