We are looking for new faces and associates.


In recent years our clients have often been searching for influencers. Whether you are into yoga, dancing, design, cooking or simply love selfies, send us an email ( your Instagram profile and price for one shooting appointment). We will put your data into our database and pass it onto a client who may be looking for exactly your face.

Camera operaters

A good camera operator is worth gold. Send us your works.

Voice over

Record as you read the text below and send us the recording by e-mail. Your voice may become our next chosen voiceover.
Recorded voiceovers will be posted on our website so the client can listen directly and choose their narrator.


This is a time of change!

Ours are cultural and artistic.

With Studio Mix you will see new possibilities to embody your authentic identity.

It doesn't matter what the project is,

we are building new opportunities for your and our future.

We try to make sure that everything we start has a positive impact on others.

We are a collective idea.


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