Kinda classy.

Kinda wood.

Audio room design or acoustic room design is something all music/sound lovers have to give serious thought to.

Add a touch of contemporary elegance to your sound studio, game/media room or office with this handmade beautifully designed wooden 3D wall art.

Acoustic wood panels are a warm, decorative and aesthetically pleasing way to improve the acoustic conditioning of a room or building.


A diffuser in a room does to sound what nature does naturally in the outdoors.

The different surface heights of a diffuser are designed so that a sound wave from any direction will hit and deflect evenly in multiple directions. It allows for a more natural softening and termination of sound reverberation, so a room doesn’t feel devoid of sound life.

To help give sound life in a room a diffuser absorbs some sound, but treats echo and scatters resonance around a room, bringing it to life, just like nature does. The room doesn’t sound dead or hollow. It can even make a small room seem large. They can be mounted on walls opposite speakers and even on ceilings. Diffusers are a great addition to any room to improve sound and control resonance concerns.

These diffusers not only decreases reverberation but also looks like a pieces of artwork, which they are!

Featuring stunning patterns and neatly-crafted unique geometric shapes, the 3d wood block wall art adds a whole new dimension to any wall it is hung on. And its exquisite design complements both traditional and modern interior décors.

Darkwood comprises an agile, serene series of dark wall reliefs/ sound diffusors—each one a union of modernist, geometric forms and sweeping curves.The Croatian artist is strongly influenced by ancient and baroque cultures,as well as those of the Mayans, Egyptians and old Greece. But where classical reliefs may have portrayed gods and kings (and been limited by the constraints of an inflexible material, stone), Darkwood contain fluid swoops and abstract shapes. These wooden panels , constructed from oak wood, layer smooth, sculptural shapes with crisp edges, often interspersed with hints of spheres and chunky crescents—forms that recall modernist paintings and can be used as sound diffuser in a sound or music studio.

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